Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Attraction 2022

By Nightmare Dungeon (other events)

51 Dates Through Nov 05, 2022

ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! Nightmare Dungeon has nailed it again this year with a new look and wayyy BIGGER in size! Our 2022 Season video proves a point ! Massive add ons and new state of the art lighting and effects with more IN YOUR FACE actors and we’re the haunted attraction that definitely gets in your face as we offer a hands on “option”that allows our actors to get more that up close and personal, we grab and even pick some of you up and disappear with you and make you part of a REAL horror story ! Nightmare Dungeon has been the “TRUE” Scariest & Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction in the state of South Carolina and has been proven ! Wait until you see the upgrades and one of which is the all new “House Of Lasers” a MASSIVE room filled with nothing but lasers that will disorientate you to no end! Be prepared for the most intense experience from the ONLY old school Haunted Attraction that’s full of real actors with none of that fake animatronic props, this house is a real 2 story farm house with real haunted history that’s 120+ years old unlike the haunted trails and facade built haunts! This haunt has 3 large structures thats all indoor and full of nothing but horror and creeps lurking and waiting to give you the fear you’ve been waiting for ! Click on our website link below to See more information including hours & location, ticket cost & to buy tickets! Located in Greenville South Carolina