Nightmare Valentine 2024

By Nightmare Dungeon (other events)

6 Dates Through Feb 14, 2024

2024 Nightmare Valentine is just around the corner, 3 nights of Valentine Terror! Brace yourselves, brave souls, for an experience that will unleash your deepest fears this Valentine’s!

Welcome to the Nightmare Valentine at Nightmare Dungeon, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs into a waking horror. Prepare to be consumed by the chilling embrace of a Valentine like no other. Enter a nightmare realm where malevolent Vampires lurk around every twisted corner and shadowy hallway, their sinister presence sending icy shivers down your spine.

But beware, for in this macabre celebration, we have woven an enchanting yet horrifying tapestry of laser lights that will leave you breathless. These haunting beams of spectral illumination will dance upon every inch of our demented attraction. Yet, do not be fooled by their hypnotic beauty, as they serve only to cloak the lurking terrors and maleficent creatures that yearn to feast upon your deepest fears.

Prepare your trembling soul for a descent into the darkest abyss as you step onto the creaking elevator, plunging down eight floors into the wretched nightmare asylum. Within its blood-soaked walls, tormented prisoners await your arrival with twisted anticipation. They hunger for more than your mere presence; they yearn to harvest pieces of your very being, fashioning grotesque toys to send to their unsuspecting loved ones. In their deranged vision of Valentine spirit, your torment becomes their twisted gift.

Summon your courage and mark your calendars for the nights of February 9th-14th 6 nights of pure loving terror, as this spine-tingling event will consume your every waking thought. Prepare to have your senses violated like never before, as you witness sights and sounds that will etch themselves into the depths of your nightmares. Remember, this unparalleled horror is the sole attraction of its kind in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia, ensuring that once experienced, it will forever haunt your memories.

Spread the terror and share to your friends who dare to confront the darkness. tickets are $30 per person and can be purchased at the door or online! Opens at dark on February 9th-14th and open till at least 12am all 6 nights! Located at 645 old Anderson Road Greenville SC. Visit for more details about this terrifying Haunted Attraction!