Nightmare Valentine Haunted Attraction

By Nightmare Dungeon (other events)

4 Dates Through Feb 14, 2022

The Nightmare has returned for a special 4 night only event you can’t miss!!! THIS VALENTINE'S HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE DUNGEON IS OFFERING AN EXCUSE TO HOLD YOUR VALENTINE'S DATE A LITTLE CLOSER AND A LOT TIGHTER OR JUST BRING YOUR FRIENDS ! A 2 STORY CABIN IN THE WOODS, WHAT MORE WOULD YOUR DATE WANT YOU TO DO FOR THEM ON VALENTINES WEEKEND? Feel the heart pumping, Hair Raising Rush you'll get by the stalkers and Freaks hidden behind these walls of a 121 year old 2 story house. They will be sure to scare your Friends or Date on this Valentine’s weekend! So, are you Looking to get your date or friends scared to death? come out to NIGHTMARE VALENTINE....Combining two large structures of an extreme Valentine’s day haunt, Nightmare Dungeon wants you to “Be Theirs” at the “Nightmare Valentine” Note: you MUST be 16 years or older to enter this attraction without an adult. At Nightmare Valentine there will be “Contact”. You may be subjected, but not limited, to the following: forced separation from your group or path. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, respiratory problems, back and neck problems, balance problems, anxiety conditions or claustrophobia conditions, but you can wuss out and not get the touch necklace that keeps the freaks away from you!  You will be checking in by a video waiver at the ticket booth to sign your life away for legal purposes! OPENS FEBRUARY 11TH 12TH 13TH & 14TH. IT’S 4 NIGHTS OF VALENTINE HORROR, AND BEST OF ALL IF YOU COME ON THE 11TH 12TH OR 13TH YOU’LL BE ABLE TO BRING YOUR DATE BACK ON THE 14TH VALENTINES NIGHT AND THEY GET IN FOR FREE WITH THE CARD WE GIVE YOU AT THE TICKET BOOTH ! (Card is good for one free person only) LOCATED AT 645 OLD ANDERSON RD GREENVILLE SC 29611. TICKETS ARE ONLY $30 PER PERSON. OPENS AT 6:30 PM UNTIL 12:00 AM. AND  IT’S UP TO YOU TO FIND YOUR WAY OUT. HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR DATE OR FRIENDS OR YOU MIGHT GET LOST! ALL SELF GUIDED TOURS ON ALL NIGHTS !!! SHARE SHARE SHARE AND TAG YOUR FRIENDS OR VALENTINES DATE! Visit our website to buy tickets and more info at for other details about South Carolina’s first and #1 SCARIEST Valentine Haunted Attraction! Note…(we are open in any kind of weather and we are all indoor here and we have partial shelter).